Friday, March 24, 2006

Rolls Royce of Rose

Sogrape Vinhos is a large Portugese wine maker, who make amongst other wine, Mateus Rose, often referred to as the Rolls Royce of Rose. Tulleeho interviewed the Area Manager, Goncalo Sousa Machado, recently @ Tonino in New Delhi.
The Wine
Mateus Rose is a light, fresh, young and slightly fizzy wine. Its quality, extreme versatility and consistent style make it the ideal wine to accompany life's fine moments.
Tasting Notes
A rose with a very appealing and bright hue. On the whole, it is a fresh and seductive wine with a fine and intense bouquet and all the joviality of young wines.

When did you enter the Indian market?
Goncalo - It’s almost been 20 yrs now, and we are present in 130 markets worldwide.
The consumption and popularity of wine is growing by leaps and bounds in India. Are you undertaking or planning any activities which are Consumer focused?
Goncalo - We are concentrating on brand and product awareness primarily. We are also looking at more visibility in on and off premise outlets.
Do you think it should be positioned as an Aperitif or paired with food? What food do you think it will go with?
Goncalo - It can be enjoyed as an aperitif, and goes great with Italian, Indian, as well as continental food. Seafood and barbeque items go very well with this particular wine.
Do you think this wine would be paired well with Indian food? Your suggestions...
Goncalo - Yes of course, it’s great with tandoori and most of the Indian cuisine.
Are you facing any challenges or issues in the Indian market?
Goncalo - The biggest challenge for us is to make the consumers aware of this brand. Worldwide we are a very established brand, and would like to see that happening in India as well, and I must assure you we are achieving that steadily with our work towards visibility drives and great on trade support.
What other market according you comes close to the Indian scenario? What is the best tactic applicable?
Goncalo - Japan, and to some extent Australia can be compared. In fact in the 1990's, Japan's scenario was very much like India's present status. And it has gone up by leaps and bounds from then on.
How much is it priced at?
Goncalo - In the retail it is priced at Rs 810 in Delhi.
Have you tasted any Indian Rose's? Your opinion ?
Goncalo - Yes, I have tried the Sula Rose, and it’s good, but very different from what we make. But we don’t consider them as competition.
What is your desert island drink?
Goncalo - The Mateus rose of course! And I am saying so not because I market it but, it will match with the fish that I catch and the fruits that I pick in the island!



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