Monday, February 21, 2011

Duvel and Liefmans Beer launch in Delhi.

27th January, 2011... and there was an invite from the Belgium Embassy where I had to go for a Beer Launch..Obviously i was excited..And my excitement continued till i left the venue..
Duvel is one of the famous brands of Golden Ale beer from Belgium. One thing that I really liked about this beer is its froth. The white frothiness on the top and the golden yellow colour was tempting  on a wintry evening. With 8.5% alcohol content, this one is a perfect drink when the weather is chill and you need a little throat warming. Duvel is Flemish for Devil, and with it's high alcohol content, you can be rest assured, this devil combines great taste with kick. Liefmans on the other hand is a fruit beer, with a low alcohol content.  
The beers were launched   by the Ambassador of Belgium to India HE Jeanā€Marie Deboutte and his wife Madame Regy Evenepoel Deboutte.  

This was my first visit to the Belgium Embassy so was trying to soak in the surroundings and the ambience.The event was in the lawns of the Embassy wherein 2 bars had been set up. And people could walk up and ask for whichever beer they wanted.

Sweta Mohanty, Tulleeho 

Tulleeho Note
The first time I encountered Duvel, was in 2006, when, while in Sri Lanka for a bartender training project, we wondered into Odel for some shopping. The clothes were pricey, but the attractively located bar in the middle caught my eye, as did the just launched Duvel, in it's distinctive short brown bottle. It was one of the cheaper things to buy in Odel, and I knew where my tastes lay. 2 bottles later, I was wishing when it would launch in India. It's been a long wait.  
Vikram Achanta



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Wander and wonder aren't the same thing. I'm sure you enjoyed the beer ;)

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