Friday, June 01, 2012

Lagerbay Review

Lagerbay, 183, Waterfield Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050
Ph : 02267369900
Open Daily.

After a nice session on whiskies, we decided to hop some bars, raid some pubs and cause some serious collateral damage. So after 20 minutes of brain scratching, we zeroed down on Lagerbay.

Lagerbay has taken the place of Zenzi in one of the creamiest areas of Bandra on Waterfield road. For those not in the know, it’s pretty easy to miss out on this excellent place. We could not see the name of the place anywhere, until we made a guess and entered and saw some promotional posters for the IPL and BEER Buckets, which had the name “Lagerbay”.

We were received with warm smiles, and it was probably the owner of the place that led us to the bar. Being a Thursday evening and the fact that it had just opened a month ago, Lagerbay seems to have etched its name amongst some people, who seemed regulars, as the bartender laughed and hi-fived
them. After settling at the bar, on their made to order wrought iron bar-chairs, we have a look at the menu.

Not an extensive list of cocktails, but good enough to suffice the tastes of many. Lagerbay as the name says, bay of lager surely didn’t have as many beers on the menu as one might think. Only 7 Beers on the menu and a few in the fridge, which were not on the menu. So as we narrow down our choices, and my choice always being one of the classics, I chose the Margarita as it acts as a Litmus test, for any bar.

Carefully made with love, my margarita had perfect half rim, which I thought was good, as they gave me an option to have my poison with or without salt. It was perfectly balanced, and nicely presented. We ordered something to go with our drinks - Mexican Quesadillas to go with my Margarita and portion of Garlic Burnt potato wedges. Excellent taste, and most importantly they were quick.

My Margarita

Not getting a big hole in my pocket after this, I decided to go to Sanchuros and Club Royalty. I surely place my bet on Lagerbay though. Good place, Nice music, Great cocktails, Great service. It's all a win- win game.

- Ameya Sharma

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