Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tales of the Cocktail - Day 3

The liver, truly is, man’s best friend! And if you don’t agree, well what can I say, you obviously are a bartenders nightmare!

Day three continued with the brilliant selection of seminars like the two previous days and the tasting rooms across all the days ran full. Any one who held a ticket to any one of the seminars at tales was given a tasting room pass to try the plethora of products that were available for tasting. These were the only places that had a bit of brand spiel doing the rounds, else Tales, as I pointed out earlier is saved of any hard selling of brands. But the good thing about the tasting rooms was that you were at a place where you had the best of the cocktail world trying your products and you wouldn’t want to be caught with crap stuff here! In short, a massive platform!

King Cocktail, Dale De Groff, doing what he does best!

I had the opportunity to catch up Tony Conigliaro who runs the famed 69 Colebrooke Row and is considered a pioneer for his ground breaking work in molecular mixology and understanding of flavours. And that was exactly what Tony C was presenting on. How could I miss this one?

People lining up for a seminar and this case , Tony C’s!    

One of the many back end offices with team working round the clock to ensure the success of every seminar, tasting room and the works!

And to end the day, Bar Smarts USA presented the Battle of the Bar Smarters that pitted the skills of bartenders from the East Coast Vs. the West Coast while Bacardi Rums and the United States Bartenders Guild (USBG) presented the Bacardi 150th Anniversary Hand Shaken Daiquiri competition.

David Wondrich and Gary Regan get ready to host the Battle of the Bar Smarters.
House of Blues, A popular New Orleans Bar and venue for the Battle of the Bar Smarters.

And with my presentation round the corner, I needed all the booze I could find! The days just keep getting better…and P.S. I in no way promote responsible drinking ;)




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