Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Judgement of Delhi - Stag's Leap and Beringer wines are launched and tasted

Have you been to Roosevelt House before? I haven’t! After being personally greeted by the U.S. Ambassador, Ms. Nancy Powell and Allan Mustard, the Minister for Agricultural Affairs,lf at the entrance of the Ambassador’s house we were escorted into another room. This is where the main event of the night was taking place, a formal introduction to two of Napa Valley’s finest wine makers, Beringer and Stag's Leap who were joining the small but rapidly growing Indian wine industry.
Nicole Carter, Global Brand Ambassador and Ambassador Nancy Powell

It was just a matter of time before we were doing what the Tullees at Tulleeho do best, appreciating some world class wine. We were welcomed with a refreshing glass of sparkling rose from Beringer which gave my eyes the sparkle it needed for mingling with some rather well known faces from the beverage and hospitality fraternity in the city.

After a few handshakes and my first round of introductions with the people from the trade we headed straight for the white wine counter to kick off the wine tasting experience. The first one I tasted was a 2011 Beringer Sauvignon Blanc. With aromas of lemongrass and a hint of grapefruit it was a very well balanced wine as far as the acidity goes.

Just as I put the glass down the Ambassador officially welcomed all of us and introduced us to Nicole Carter, the Global Brand Ambassador at Beringer vineyards. I loved the two ladies not just because they were so courteous but also because they kept the introduction short & sweet, so that I could get back to my next wine, a 2009 Stag's Leap, Viognier. This elegant and well balanced wine exuded aromas of pear and orange and was very well complemented by a wide selection of finger foods. The cheese ravioli was just fine, as I took a sip of my next wine, the Stag’s Leap Chardonnay. This 2008 medium bodied wine had aromas of peach and melon with some vanilla at the finish and also combined well with the grilled chicken served along with a sweet chilli dip.

We then headed for the counter serving reds.

First up was the Beringer Founders Estate , Zinfandel, which showed flavors of black berries with a jammy character and a hint of spiciness.  A few sips of water and I was back at the bar this time for the Stag's Leap Cabernet Sauvignon. The deep red colour and full body made this tannic wine a perfect match with the Lamb chops on offer. 

While exchanging wine drinking experiences in Europe with Sue, from the Ambassador’s office I started to sip on the Beringer Founders Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. This 2011 vintage with its deep colour and complex character seemed fairly easy to drink and was easily the pick of the night for me. The next time you try this luscious wine try it with some chocolate truffle and you might love it just as much as I did.

It was time to go and the party was nearing its end. As we said the our final goodbyes for the evening and headed for the exit we were all given Beringer corkscrews as souvenirs.

Ah! Well what can I say this evening and the whole experience was a just the kind of welcome a beverage enthusiast like me can wish for at Tulleeho. My second day at work had been well spent.


Rakshit Khurana, Manager, Tulleeho

After 5 + years at sea, Rakshit returns to Delhi, his home port.



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Dear Rakshit, great review. Your blog came across as refreshing and concise. I loved it and look forward to hear more of your adventures at more events. Regards, Siddharth.

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